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Just as the right wakeboard or slalom ski can make all the difference to your performance when you’re out riding the wake, what you wear also has an impact. As a part of our water ski equipment range, we’re proud to offer the best neoprene underwear, shorts, jackets, and full-body wetsuits available on the Australian market.

We also stock a great range of male and female underwear, specially designed for water sports. Tight-fitting, yet flexible, these undergarments are a must have for anyone regularly out on the water. For warmer places where a full wetsuit isn’t necessary, guys will love our rideshort styles; rideshorts have the perfect amount of stretch and are fully lined.

For those braving harsher elements, opt for a full suit. Providing comfortable coverage from neck to ankle, our wetsuits are smartly constructed, made from breathable material, and provide great protection in cool conditions. Help your body to perform at its best by dressing it in one of these water ski equipment essentials.

For world-class water ski equipment, look no further than Elite Ski Boats. To find out more about our premium range of wetsuits get in touch with our friendly customer service staff today on (08) 8234 5455.